About Coast to Coast Safety Solutions

Coast to Coast Safety Solutions is an extrication and rescue company that specializes in performance marine safety and medical stand-by for the Offshore Racing, Performance Boating, Movie/Entertainment and Adventure Race Industries.
Coast to Coast Safety Solutions is owned and operated by James "J.R." Andersen. J.R. is well known within the industry for his profesionalism and strict adherence to the safety rules laid out by the sanctioning body for the event. Mr. Andersen has worked as a Rescue Diver for multiple race organizations and privately for some of the biggest, most competitive teams in the world. He is a U.S. Coast Guard Captain and has 30 years of full-time public safety experience as a Firefighter/Paramedic and is multi-agency certified as a Public Safety Diver. J.R. also worked full-time as a flight medic for Baptist Hospital Life Flight in Pensacola, FL.
At Coast to Coast Safety Solutions we have a team of not only certified but highly qualified members to ensure that you receive the highest level of care possible in any given emergency. Our team members must be current Public Safety Divers or have Military dive experience. They must hold a current Paramedic or EMT license, successfully complete the Coast to Coast Safety Solutions's Waterman Swim Test and possess a strong work ethic and attention to detail. ​​​​The team members at Coast to Coast Safety Solutions have a vast skill set and are some of the most experienced offshore racing Rescue Divers, having worked for Miss Geico racing, WHM Motorsports, and Aquamania among others. As well, we have provided water safety for Hollywood movies working along side actors such as Nicholas Cage, Tom Sizemore, and Mario Van Peebles. We have been actively involved in not only offshore but outboard drag boat races, covering drag races in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Collectively, we have provided offshore racing safety coverage from Ontario, Canada to San Juan, Puerto Rico and from Catalina Island to Bimini.
We believe that the first step in providing a safe race course is education and training. The professionals at Coast to Coast Safety Solutions own and operate the world's only multi-person self extrication aid or "Dunker" . This training fixture gives racers the opportunity​ to practice as a team and develop their own emergency action plan in the event of a roll-over or canopy failure. We have intimate knowledge of the current trend in canopy designs and stay up to date on boat set ups through pre-race reviews at each and every event.
The world of offshore racing is brutally competitive, unpredictable and dangerous. You can rely on the team at Coast to Coast Safety Solutions to help you safely win another day.