​Our Dunker

The Dunker :

2 person Skater canopy with escape hatch and canopy lid.
2 racing seats with 5 point harness for Driver and Throttleman.
​1 80 cu. ft. SCUBA tank
2 SCUBA mouthpiece regulators with 20 ft. of air hose.
The Coast to Coast "Dunker" is an actual 2 person Skater Canopy that was modified to be able to be utilized in a pool or other controlled environment. This Race Boat simulator is the most realistic dunker in operation. A Driver and a Throttleman are able to go through the dunker testing together as if they were in their own vessel. We provide the Race Team with information on the best practices of self extrication and proper exit plan strategies. Racers are given the opportunity to practice their self extrication skills in a controlled environment, with Coast to Coast safety divers keeping a watchful eye on the surface and underwater.
The Coast to Coast dunker is used for training offshore racers and any other type of performance boaters looking to increase their confidence in self extrication. Having this type of training and practice is critical to prevent chaos or panic in an overturned vessel. 

A well coordinated and practiced escape plan will SAVE LIVES.
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