​Our Team

Coast to Coast Safety Solutions has a full roster of highly qualified and certified Rescue Divers, here are some of our senior members.

James "J.R." Andersen

J.R Andersen is the founder of Coast to Coast Safety Solutions. J.R.'s passion for advancing safety in Offshore Racing is what makes him a well respected leader. His knowledge, experience and unwavering commitment to safety are what drives the entire Coast to Coast team.
Shawn Steinert
Rescue Operations Director

Shawn retired from the Orlando Fire Department in 2016 after serving 27 years in the Special Operations Division and as a member of the Dive Rescue Team. He held the rank of Lieutenant as the Commanding Officer  of Orlando Fire Departments Heavy Rescue 1, a highly specialized Technical Rescue unit. Shawn has been involved in Offsore Racing Rescue for over 12 years and is certified as a USCG Captian. Shawn has a strong skill set that is invaluable to the Coast to Coast team.
Artie Gatlin
Rescue Diver

Artie is one of Coast to Coast Safety Solutions' most experienced Rescue Divers, he works for the Orlando Fire Department where he serves as a Rescue Recovery Diver and is a member of the Technical Rescue Team. Artie is an avid waterman with a strong swimming background and brings a keen situational awareness to our team at Coast to Coast Safety Solutions.
Dave Stocks
​Rescue Diver

Dave works for the Orlando Fire Department where he is the Engineer on a Technical Rescue Truck and is a member of their Rescue/Recovery Dive Team. Dave brings quick decision making and years of water experience to the Coast to Coast Team.
Mike Osborn
Rescue Diver

Mike works as a FF/Paramedic for the Orange Beach Fire Department on the Gulf Coast of Alabama where he also serves as a Rescue/Recovery Diver for their Dive team. As a skilled Waterman he is a great asset to have in the water.
Korey Steinert
Rescue Diver

Korey is a FF/EMT with the Orlando Fire Department. He was a competitive Swimmer and Lifeguard for the Volusia County Beach Patrol. Korey's speed in the water is a valuable asset in any type of water emergency.